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Next-​​of-​​kin in Victoria

Next-​​of-​​kin in Vic­toria are determ­ined by civil law rules of dis­tri­bu­tion (See the Admin­is­tra­tion and Pro­bate Act). Vic­toria is the only state that doesn’t place a limit on next-​​of-​​kin, mean­ing there is no end to the num­ber of rel­at­ives who get...

Who is my next of kin, and what does that mean?

Next-​​of-​​kin is not a legally-​​binding defin­i­tion in Aus­tralian law which means that if you die without any next-​​of-​​kin claim­ing you as theirs, you get left to gov­ern­ment contractors.

NSW Will and inheritance law

NSW Wills and inher­it­ance laws dif­fer from all other states, with a recent over­haul mean­ing laws have changed, some­times sig­ni­fic­antly. Get the facts.

Victorian Will and inheritance law

An out­line of Vic­torian laws regard­ing Wills and inher­it­ances, includ­ing chil­dren, romantic part­ners, ex’s, and the rest of the messy fam­ily ties that leg­ally bind.

What can a financial adviser do for me?

Your fin­an­cial adviser holds a sim­ilar role to your doc­tor, dent­ist and account­ant: walk­ing with you through life to keep your wealth build­ing and your fam­ily protected.

What is financial planning?

Fin­an­cial plan­ning means dif­fer­ent things to every­one, so find out how you can bene­fit from your own per­sonal ver­sion of fin­an­cial plan­ning with Ostrava.